About Snow Desert (EA) LIMITED Air Conditin Repair & Installation Services in Kenya

Snow Desert (EA) limited provides personalized refrigeration and air conditioning services to the world's largest food and drink exhibitions, corporate clients and supermarket retailers.

Our mission

Design, install, service, and maintain cost effective, customized modern refrigeration and air conditioning services to all our clients at affordable prices.

Our vision

Be more creative, understand and more customers focused thus developing a long and healthy working relationship.

Our goal

Be an exceptional company giving our clients quality affordable services customized and tailored to suit their diverse needs.

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Our operations?

Our operations cover the east African region and as well as the world. Since its inception, the company has built up an impressive list of clients in Kenya and East Africa, with whom a healthy relationship has been cultivated effectively making them to repeatedly do business with us Some of these clients range from different diversities including:-.

  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • Offices.
  • Super-Markets & Shopping malls
  • Domestic Applications

Automotive Air Conditioning

Snow Desert (EA) Limited is not limited to just providing Professional refrigeration and air conditioning services in kenya and East Africa but also offers other range of products and services in the the industry that include:

  • Hazardous area air conditioning and refrigeration packages
  • Industrial rated air conditioning and refrigeration packages
  • Freezer rooms and cold room stores
  • Transport refrigerated containers
  • Car air conditioning (for all types of vehicles)
  • Domestic refrigeration equipment repairs and servicing